The Food for Families Holiday Food Drive

The Food for Families program forms a partnership between Raley’s, individual and corporate donors, and local food closets. Raley’s collects contributions for a community’s local food closet throughout the year. However, every holiday season, Raley’s and Food for Families sponsor a  massive holiday food drive. However, this is not your typical food drive. Instead of a […]

The Salt Mine Food Boxes

Emergency food assistance is the largest service The Salt Mine provides to the community.  A faltering economy impacts the entire nation, but the hardest hit are minimum-wage earning families or people on fixed incomes. Partnering with The Salt Mine, the Lincoln community provides about three hundred thousand meals a month to those needing a helping hand. The Salt […]

Why The Salt Seller is “Moving on Up” Into The Salt Mine Thrift Shop

Now, you may have noticed that our F Street thrift store is moving. We are consolidating our two thrift shops into our Flocchinni Circle location. Consolidation will help The Salt Mine fulfill our mission of providing for those with needs in Lincoln by reducing building costs. Consolidation also brings all of our retail operations into […]

A Volunteer’s Perspective on Thursday and Saturday Food Distribution

  Thursdays and Saturdays are exciting at The Salt Mine!! Our mission is to feed the hungry throughout the week by distributing food through the Food Closet, but Thursday and Saturday’s food giveaways are special. They are special in this sense—that volunteer teams from many local organizations partner with us to provide food for the sixty to one hundred […]