Thursday Produce Truck

The Salt Mine is dedicated to making sure everyone who needs food in Lincoln and Sheridan receives food. Though making sure everyone eats regularly, and making sure everyone regularly eats healthily are somewhat different challenges for food closets. The Produce Truck helps tackle these challenges.

When it Happens:   The Produce Truck comes every Thursday at The Salt Mine, located on 590 Lincoln Blvd.

What is Available:    The Placer County Food Bank delivers fresh produce donated by local farmers and purchased through local grants and other private gifts. Available produce fluctuates with the season and local supplies.

How to Participate: Anyone can participate in the Saturday giveaway. No registration with the food closet is required. Those interested in participating should arrive at 10:00 am. Participants will receive a number. We begin calling numbers at 10:30. We will not give out numbers early, nor after we begin calling numbers.