Tickets are now on sale for the 2018 Salt Mine Fundraising Gala!

The Salt Mine is exctied to announce that we have opened ticket sales for our 2018 Salt Mine Fundraising Gala. The event will be held at The Salt Mine on Friday, November 9, 2018, at 5:30 pm. There will be valet parking.


Please Join us for a wonderful evening with a plated dinner served by Simple Pleasures Catering. We will also have a silent auction and an opportunity to give in a meaningful way to support our community. Dress for the evening will be Black-Tie Optional, Business Formal Attire.This event is seeking to raise $100,000 for the Salt Mine to better serve the communities of Lincoln and Sheridan.


Thank you so much for helping us realize our mission to let no family go hungry in our community.


Buy your tickets now by clicking HERE


Should you have any issues or problems with getting your tickets, just respond to this email or call us at (916) 645-0160


We look forward to seeing you at the Gala!


Donate Now!

You can donate online now to help us meet our needs this summer to help local families in need this summer in Lincoln and Sheridan


Just click Here to contribute to the work being done at The Salt Mine.

Your donation is fully deductable as we are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. No goods or services are exchanged for these donations.

Thank You!

Save the Date for the Salt Mine Gala!

The Salt Mine is planning to organize our first annual Fundraising Dinner on Friday, November 17, 2017 at The Salt Mine.

The objective of the event is to increase awareness about what The Salt Mine has done, does currently, and looks to do in the future. Our organization’s goal is to raise $100,000 at this event to advance our mission to end hunger in the communities of Lincoln and Sheridan.

Now, this begs the question, why $100,000? What will the Salt Mine do with funds we are able to raise this fall?

The answer is as simple as it is complex, The Salt Mine’s annual budget is about $700,000. That is what it takes to feed 4.5 million meals to the hungry in our community every year, as well as provide clothing, furniture and hygiene essentials to those in need. The cost of doing business grows every year, and in our current economic climate, it is getting harder and harder to operate. As an example, many things at the Salt Mine need to be modernized and updated, and we just have not been able to do so. Our employees have not seen a raise in nearly 10 years because we have just not been able to afford such things. The money raised at this gala will go a long way in “filling the gaps” that have been left due to hard economic times.

We wish to pursue new opportunities to serve the community, such as expanding our youth after school programs, creating a robust homeless care program, and expanding our food programs with more refrigeration and freezer space. We are in need of additional employees and employee training. All of these things come at a cost, and as a charity, we must ask for your help so we can better serve the growing needs of our community.

Ending hunger in our community is our noble cause and we invite you to join us. We want to provide our donors and sponsors with a chance to leave a lasting impact and local legacy. Your contributions to The Salt Mine will impact thousands of people in our community for years to come. Your donations will put food in the mouths of the hungry and bring peace and stability to so many hurting families around us. Meeting these families’ nutritional needs will help them to thrive, not just survive.  You can be assured that all of your donations will stay in our local community and be used to support The Salt Mine’s Mission to end hunger in our area.

For more information about the gala, how The Salt Mine serves our community, or to purchase tickets for the event, please visit

The Salt Mine is in The Lincoln News Messenger!

The Lincoln News Messenger did a great write up on The Salt Mine’s activity during Thanksgiving. We wanted to share the articles with those of you who do not receive The News Messenger.

The first article shares a local woman’s work securing a grant that allowed Lincoln Hills Community Church to purchase 100 turkeys for The Salt Mine this Thanksgiving. Walmart and Lincoln Salt Mine Create a Nicer Thanksgiving for Many Residents

The second article shares the results of our Thanksgiving food distribution. Thanksgiving Over for The Salt Mine

Finally, The News Messenger interviewed two people who received assistance from The Salt Mine. The reporter interviewed clients on both ends of the food assistance spectrum. One lady registered for her first food box. The other person received regular assistance from The Salt Mine Food Closet in the past. Her finances improved, and she only needed assistance with a Thanksgiving meal. Finding Thanks, Even in Tough Times

Our hope is that everyone is able to receive help in tough times, that times will improve, and people are able to support themselves once more. However, none of this can happen without your support. Thank you for continually supporting The Salt Mine!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Salt Mine is thankful for many things this year.  Everyone who requested a Thanksgiving dinner received one from the community. These past two weeks are an example of what our community achieves working together. Many groups labored to make The Salt Mine’s Thanksgiving boxes a reality, and we wanted to share their accomplishments with you. Let’s give thanks together!

Gathering the Goods

The first key to this Thanksgiving success are the many food drives run by various community groups.

  1. Local churches including Heritage Church, The Ridge, Lincoln Valley View, and Lincoln Hills Community Church collected and purchased canned goods, turkeys, and thanksgiving items. The food drives they did for the Salt Mine were amazing and brought in vast truck loads of food.
  2. Placer County O. G. Motorcycle Club donated a couple dozen turkeys.
  3. The Lincoln Firemen conducted a massive turkey drive in our community. A few flocks of turkeys made their way down to the McBean Fire Station and then migrated down to The Salt Mine. Thank you all for purchasing extra turkeys!  Hundreds of turkeys were supplied, and with the cash donations received, all of the pies for our thanksgiving meals were purchased.
  4. Placer County Association of Realtors contributed to the fun! They not only brought in a large amount of turkeys, but they also conducted a huge food drive the weekend before thanksgiving.
  5. Every Slice Counts heard about our efforts, and they donated all the fresh rolls for our Thanksgiving boxes and dinner.
  6. Raleys’ Food For Families Program allowed us to purchase pallets of food. All the proceeds given and dropped in the boxes at the registers made this possible. Thank you for shopping at Raleys’ and making a donation- every dollar counts toward feeding the hungry.
  7. Walmart issued a grant that allowed 100 turkeys to be purchased.
  8. The Lincoln Rotary Club was very lively. Several gals hit the pavement and solicited donations of cash and food. Signs and dancing abounded. Check out the
  9. Many, many, many individuals brought turkeys, Thanksgiving sides, cash contributions, and those miscellaneous things needed to prepare a Thanksgiving box or meal.
However you contributed, whether as a group or an individual, your gift was necessary and is valued. We could not accomplish what we did without that gift. Thank you all!

“Taking Care of Business”

Outreach and Grafted Youth Groups preparing for action! There are about 60 kids ready to descend upon a mountain of food.

The second key to our shared success rests on the large number of volunteers who rallied to our call for manpower.

Volunteers took on various tasks. Some processed applications for a Thanksgiving box, while others made phone calls. A few folks even translated for us and helped with communication barriers. Several people sorted food, built the boxes distributed to the applicants, greeted applicants as they received their boxes, or served at the community luncheon. Many offered a helping hand and a friendly face to those in the community.

Outreach Youth Group and Grafted Youth Group came together and dedicated an evening to sorting the mountain of food that was graciously given by the community. We learned that kids can devour piles of food even when they are not eating them! The teens set a new record for sorting a food drive’s results.

Know that whatever your role, everyone who volunteered was integral to pulling off this massive endeavor. Thank you for all of your efforts “in the trenches.”

Volunteers of all ages showed up to bless our community this Thanksgiving.
Many families will be giving thanks due to the community’s generosity!


“The End of the Matter”

The Salt Mine Thanksgiving is never complete without our community luncheon. This luncheon is served and open to the community the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It is intended for those who cannot utilize a take-home Thanksgiving dinner. Some are homeless, while others are single or elderly persons without family or the ability to cook their own Thanksgiving meal. Again, our goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to celebrate Thanksgiving is able to do so. We had an amazing turn out, and we want to thank all those who participated in helping prepare and serve the meal. This luncheon was the final step toward fulfilling the goal. Enjoy the pictures below.

However, before you go, let us share with you what we accomplished by working together. We served about 3,000 meals this Thanksgiving. Think about that a moment…..we served 3,000 meals to Lincoln and Sheridan residents over one holiday. Yet, this number is only a fraction of those who need food assistance in our community. As you give thanks for your blessings this year with friends and family, remember two things: that your contributions have allowed multitudes of people in the community to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, and that the need for food assistance continues throughout the year.  If this season was your first time partnering with The Salt Mine, or you are a consistent supporter during the holiday season, we hope you will consider partnering with us throughout the year. The need is real, but you can bless someone and make a difference by contributing. A gift of $25 feeds a family of four for one week. Donating is simple. You can either click here to donate securely via Paypal. Or, you can come down and donate in person at The Salt Mine, located on 590 Lincoln Blvd. in Lincoln. Ask for Stephen or Blake.

Thank you all for your support this Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! Travel safely!

Waiting for our guests
Waiting for our guests
A candid camera shot of the volunteers bravely charging into the prep battle!
A candid camera shot of the volunteers bravely charging into the prep battle!
Our administrator Blake is a great cook. It's always rewarding to get him out of the office and into the kitchen.
Our administrator Blake is a great cook. It’s always rewarding to get him out of the office and into the kitchen.
The serving crew
Chow time!
Chow time!
Now that is a Thanksgiving spread!
Now that is a Thanksgiving spread!
That is a large luncheon! And this doesn't include everyone!
That is a large luncheon! And this doesn’t include everyone!



How to Feed the Needy this Thanksgiving

“Eat all your food! Think of the starving children in Africa!”

Parents say something like this to encourage children to eat foods they do not like. Such a statement is troubling, and the trouble goes beyond the veiled manipulation. Someone who says this does not realize that hunger is closer to home. Hunger does not reside across a continent and ocean. Hunger lives across the tracks, down the street, or perhaps, next door. One in six Americans are not able to eat the quantity of food they should, and this statistic does not evaluate how healthy that food is or if the meals are balanced.

Hunger and homelessness are not the….special treasures of large cities. Both are present in small towns. Both are present in Lincoln. The Salt Mine sees hungry faces every day, and last year these hungry faces received 4,000,000 meals from our food closet. We are fast approaching the time of year when America’s hunger crisis can become more pronounced- Thanksgiving. Along with many food closets and charities across the nation, The Salt Mine desires that everyone in our community who wants to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with family can do so.

Our desire becomes action through our Thanksgiving Boxes. These boxes contain everything necessary for a Thanksgiving meal.

  •    StuffingCornucopia
  •    Gravy
  •    Cranberry Sauce
  •    Potatoes
  •    Canned Fruit
  •    Canned Vegetables
  •    Pies
  •    Butter
  •    Rolls
  •    Turkey (including the pans)

Our goal is providing five hundred meals this Thanksgiving, but we cannot do this alone. Lincoln must come together to meet this need.

Partners can assist us two ways:

First, The Salt Mine must procure the items for these boxes. Donors can purchase ingredients themselves and drop them off at The Salt Mine between 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M., Tuesdays through Saturdays. Or, donors can contribute financially, so that any last minute items needed to fill the boxes can be purchased. Those who want to donate funds can do so in person at The Salt Mine offices and Food Closet, located at 590 Lincoln Blvd. Donations are also collected electronically and securely via Paypal. Any contribution is tax-deductible, whether food or finance.

Second, we need volunteers. Volunteers can assist us with multiple tasks. We need people to process applications for Thanksgiving boxes. Everyone desiring a box must complete an application that lists their contact information and household size. Applications tell us the amount of food we will need, and how many boxes we must build. Contact information allows us to call and remind applicants about their box. If we meet our goal, several hundred applications need processing, so any help (especially from those who are bi-lingual) is appreciated. We also need help sorting food. As the food comes in from people in the community, it needs to be sorted in order to properly fill the boxes. Volunteers may also assist building and distributing these boxes. Making and receiving phone calls is necessary before distribution. The more bodies we have on this project, the better! Also, volunteers can be a friendly face to those in need as they apply for or pick up their box. Whether you are young and strong, older and diplomatic, or anywhere in between, we can use you! We are accepting Thanksgiving applications now. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us through our volunteer page.

By working together, the entire community of Lincoln can have something to give thanks for this year!

The Food for Families Holiday Food Drive

The Food for Families program forms a partnership between Raley’s, individual and corporate donors, and local food closets. Raley’s collects contributions for a community’s local food closet throughout the year. However, every holiday season, Raley’s and Food for Families sponsor a  massive holiday food drive.

However, this is not your typical food drive. Instead of a participant needing to select, purchase, and drop items off at a particular location, Raley’s uses their local presence and food expertise to make contributing simple. Donors simply tell their cashier that they want to purchase a Food for Families Holiday Bag. Ten dollars is added onto their grocery bill, and the local food closet receives over double that amount in food! Raley’s builds these bags with ingredients they say are “hand selected to do more than just fight hunger, but to help families in crisis build wholesome, nutritious meals.”

Last year, this holiday food drive collected nearly three million pounds of food, or put another way, served nearly two and a half million meals nationwide. And every bag donated by a community stayed within that community. Contributions from Lincoln were not sent to Los Angeles, or vise versa. Lincoln’s donations fed Lincoln residents. The Salt Mine received Lincoln’s contributions to The Holiday Food Drive, and the food received last year helped us serve thousands of meals.

The Food for Families Holiday Bag Campaign begins today and runs through the end of the year. This year, Food for Families wants to distribute over 3 million pounds of food. Please partner with Raley’s and The Salt Mine to feed local families in crisis nutritious meals in 2016. Without you, many of our neighbors may not receive the wholesome food needed to not just survive, but thrive, and escape their current crisis.

You can learn more about Food for Families at here, or connect with Food for Families on their Facebook page.

Thanksgiving at The Salt Mine

Thanksgiving season is one of our favorite times of the year at The Salt Mine. Our love for October and November goes beyond plaid being back in style, the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or the football season being in full swing. What we love about Thanksgiving are all the new faces we get to meet through our Thanksgiving food distribution. Some of these new faces are receiving food assistance for the first time; we appreciate that those in need trust us enough to express their needs and seek help. Others are new partners serving the city of Lincoln, whether in gifts of money, time, or a combination of the two; we appreciate our partners for realizing our community, especially our seniors, need food, and considering The Salt Mine worthy and able to meet that need.

We aim to meet our community’s food needs during Thanksgiving different ways:

  1. A Turkey Drive
  2. Assembling Thanksgiving Boxes
  3. Hosting a Thanksgiving lunch the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for Lincoln’s homeless

In the next couple weeks, we will discuss each in more detail, but what you need to know is we plan on feeding five hundred people this year and to succeed, we will need your help. Donations of non-perishable Thanksgiving foodstuffs can be dropped off at The Salt Mine Food Closet from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M. Tuesday through Saturday beginning today. We will start taking Turkeys November 3rdAny surplus food we receive will be used to prepare Christmas Food Boxes.

While these drives are invaluable in meeting the food needs of our community during the holidays, other needs einclement-weather-hixist
these programs do not address. Frankly, operating costs rise as the temperature falls. We must heat The Salt Mine, at least for the homeless’ sake, who gather at The Salt Mine to escape the cold and wet weather, take a warm shower, and dry their clothes. Though volunteers also appreciate a warn workplace. Working as a volunteercicle is rough–especially for those of us who are older or have broken bones in the past.

Holidays provide many opportunities to give back to the Lincoln community. Whether you decide to contribute financially to The Salt Mine and help us care for those most vulnerable to the wind and rain, or partner with us to make sure every family in our community can enjoy the holidays with loved ones over a hot meal, your support is greatly appreciated. The Salt Mine and its clients value your gifts more than you know.

But perhaps, you want to learn first-hand needs, and the gratitude, of those in crisis within Lincoln. One of our favorite facets of the holiday season is to partner with new faces as we serve Lincoln! If you want to serve your community on the front lines this year, please let us know! One task that will require a good amount of volunteer manpower is assembling Thanksgiving Food boxes the Monday before Thanksgiving. Drop by in person at The Salt Mine or shoot us an email if you would like to volunteer.

We look forward to hearing from you, and serving with you, this Thanksgiving season! Working together, we can make sure we all have something to give thanks about this year!

Meet Ballet Rejoice! October 23rd, 07:30 P.M., at The Salt Mine

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 6.30.10 PM

Most people do not know this, but The Salt Mine started serving the Lincoln community as a youth center. While we became known for feeding and providing for Lincoln’s families in need, we still love youth and we serve them as we are able. Today we want to introduce you to a youth program for young ladies run out of Rocklin’s Conservatory of Dance, and with whom The Salt Mine has a special opportunity to partner later this month—Ballet Rejoice.

Ballet Rejoice’s mission is “to worship Christ while leading others in worship before his throne, and encouraging them to use their unique gifts and talents for the glory of Jesus Christ. We also hope to encourage and exhort our audience while we portray truth.” But what does this look like for the dancers? I spoke with Suzanne and Naomi Hogan for a parent’s (Suzanne) and dancer’s (Naomi) perspective on Ballet Rejoice.

Both Naomi and Suzanne value the team mentality and Jesus-focused approach towards dance. As Suzanne succinctly said, “It’s all about worship, it’s all about the Lord.” And this focus gives Ballet Rejoice another unique characteristic—a focus on mentorship both in terms of dance and living out biblical principles. Senior girls not only take an interest in the younger girls’ development as dancers, but they lead bible studies and encourage praying for one another.

Dance as selfless act is rarer than one might think. Several former competitive dancers participate in Ballet Rejoice, and Ballet Rejoice’s unique focus has tempered their desires to dance competitively. Naomi and Suzanne Naomi and Suzanne shared some of these competitive dancers experiences, and the picture is a sad one. Money drives the competitive dance machine. One must purchase expensive costumes and travel extensively. Solo performances are not merit, but monetarily based. Naomi shared her initial reaction to this piece of information, and it is priceless, “So, you are telling me that if you have enough money, you can purchase, say, five solos?” Her friend affirmed that scenario.

The Conservatory of Dance positions Ballet Rejoice to break this stereotype, for in addition to fostering a team mentality and mentorship, Ballet Rejoice dancers do not pay to participate in Ballet Rejoice specific classes or events. I assume Suzanne’s statement echoes that of other parents, “It’s great that they do not charge you to go and serve the Lord through dance!” Removing money from the process frees parents to participate in building community among the dancers by manning doors, selling tickets, and offering rides to the group at large. No one needs to be, nor can be, that one parent in every sports movie that only looks out for their own child because they want that child’s (or their own) greatness to be recognized by the entire community, for nothing exists which such a parent could use to “grease the skids” of the organization.

Ballet Rejoice’s philosophy of dance also pulls creativity onto center stage. This freedom to create is Naomi’s other favorite aspect about the program. The girls are invited into the creative process for every show. And some shows are completely crafted by the groups. For such shows, the girls not only design their own uniforms, but the dancers craft their routines and solos. Whether the dancer creates via collaboration or choreographs their whole routine, no one is put in the position where a dance would violate her core principles. This system also avoids churning out dancing robots; the goal becomes developing creative dancers. These creative dancers are free to experiment, melding different styles of dance, and the fusion of ballet and modern dance strikes a chord with Naomi, who is a jazz dancer at heart.

Ballet Rejoice usually performs in May and at Christmas, but The Salt Mine is proud to host a special presentation of Ballet Rejoice this October 23rd, 07:30 P.M., at The Salt Mine. For those who are unsure of our location, The Salt Mine is located on 590 Lincoln Blvd, in Lincoln. Everyone is welcome. Admission is free, but we will collect an offering, for those inclined to support Ballet Rejoice. Dancers crafted every facet of this program. Freedom is their theme for the 23rd, and as Suzanne put it, “There is nothing more freeihng than realizing worship goes beyond singing and playing instruments. It incorporates movement, it encompasses everything we do.” Which means anyone can worship. Come on down and enjoy fantastic dancing and support these young ladies as they use dance to build up others and express their creativity.

Our goal is to introduces The Salt Mine readers to Ballet Rejoice. If you want more info, please check out The Rocklin Conservatory of Dance’s and Performing Arts’ website. Though we also hope to introduce The Salt Mine to those who may not know us. Feel free to look around our website! Find out what we do! Volunteer! Or, if you are so inclined, after reading about us, and meeting us, donate! We cannot do what we do for the community of Lincoln, whether its via connecting people with other people, or people with food, without your support. Support via social networking, food donations, and yes, money, are necessary to keep serving our community. We hope that you all would consider partnering with us in one, or all, of these areas. Thanks for your time!

Donor Highlight: Raleys

Donors are the engine that keeps this community charity chugging along, meeting the needs of the poor in our community. Many individuals and businesses come together to assist us in our mission to feed Lincoln’s hungry, and we are thankful for each and every one of them. But we are not the only ones doing good work in our community. And it helps to remember that just as our donors help The Salt Mine fulfill our mission, we help our donors fulfill their mission. Sometimes, partnering with The Salt Mine is a means to meet a goal that goes beyond The Salt Mine or even beyond Lincoln. One such donor is Raley’s. Raley’s gives to local food closets as a part of a larger goal–supporting healthy and responsible eating within their stores’ local communities.

Raley’s defines their mission is as follows:

At Raley’s, we believe that giving back to our community is one of the most important things we do. We have aligned our giving platform to reflect our company’s vision, to infuse life with health and happiness. Using our food expertise, we want to enhance our communities’ knowledge about fresh and healthy food options.

“Infusing life with health and happiness” is broken down into the following four foci:

  • Supporting the environment and sustainable practices
  • Providing quality food products and healthy choices
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles and fitness
  • Supporting organizations in the local community

The Salt Mine is the beneficiary of Raley’s commitment to what they identify as the “local spirit”  in Lincoln. Daily, the local Raley’s donates goods to The Salt Mine. Gifts cover just about the entire gambit of merchandise: from breads, dairy, and desserts to paper towels and toilet paper. Yet Raley’s support for The Salt Mine goes beyond donating goods, such as allowing The Salt Mine to use their ample freezer space when we have influxes of frozen goods, such as turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Raley’s also assists local food closets through their Food for Families non-profit. Food for Families “aims to end hunger locally by providing fresh and healthy food to those who need it most.” What this means when the rubber meets the road is that local food closets like The Salt Mine gain the ability to procure food directly from vendors using funds contributed by that food closet’s community.  An immensely useful tool!

Raley’s commitment to fostering healthy, responsible eaters in their communities takes a variety of forms. A full list of programs can be found on their website. Worthwhile reading. Who knew shopping for groceries could have such a great impact on our community?