Save the Date for the Salt Mine Gala!

The Salt Mine is planning to organize our first annual Fundraising Dinner on Friday, November 17, 2017 at The Salt Mine.

The objective of the event is to increase awareness about what The Salt Mine has done, does currently, and looks to do in the future. Our organization’s goal is to raise $100,000 at this event to advance our mission to end hunger in the communities of Lincoln and Sheridan.

Now, this begs the question, why $100,000? What will the Salt Mine do with funds we are able to raise this fall?

The answer is as simple as it is complex, The Salt Mine’s annual budget is about $700,000. That is what it takes to feed 4.5 million meals to the hungry in our community every year, as well as provide clothing, furniture and hygiene essentials to those in need. The cost of doing business grows every year, and in our current economic climate, it is getting harder and harder to operate. As an example, many things at the Salt Mine need to be modernized and updated, and we just have not been able to do so. Our employees have not seen a raise in nearly 10 years because we have just not been able to afford such things. The money raised at this gala will go a long way in “filling the gaps” that have been left due to hard economic times.

We wish to pursue new opportunities to serve the community, such as expanding our youth after school programs, creating a robust homeless care program, and expanding our food programs with more refrigeration and freezer space. We are in need of additional employees and employee training. All of these things come at a cost, and as a charity, we must ask for your help so we can better serve the growing needs of our community.

Ending hunger in our community is our noble cause and we invite you to join us. We want to provide our donors and sponsors with a chance to leave a lasting impact and local legacy. Your contributions to The Salt Mine will impact thousands of people in our community for years to come. Your donations will put food in the mouths of the hungry and bring peace and stability to so many hurting families around us. Meeting these families’ nutritional needs will help them to thrive, not just survive.  You can be assured that all of your donations will stay in our local community and be used to support The Salt Mine’s Mission to end hunger in our area.

For more information about the gala, how The Salt Mine serves our community, or to purchase tickets for the event, please visit

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