The Salt Mine is thankful for many things this year.  Everyone who requested a Thanksgiving dinner received one from the community. These past two weeks are an example of what our community achieves working together. Many groups labored to make The Salt Mine’s Thanksgiving boxes a reality, and we wanted to share their accomplishments with you. Let’s give thanks together!

Gathering the Goods

The first key to this Thanksgiving success are the many food drives run by various community groups.

  1. Local churches including Heritage Church, The Ridge, Lincoln Valley View, and Lincoln Hills Community Church collected and purchased canned goods, turkeys, and thanksgiving items. The food drives they did for the Salt Mine were amazing and brought in vast truck loads of food.
  2. Placer County O. G. Motorcycle Club donated a couple dozen turkeys.
  3. The Lincoln Firemen conducted a massive turkey drive in our community. A few flocks of turkeys made their way down to the McBean Fire Station and then migrated down to The Salt Mine. Thank you all for purchasing extra turkeys!  Hundreds of turkeys were supplied, and with the cash donations received, all of the pies for our thanksgiving meals were purchased.
  4. Placer County Association of Realtors contributed to the fun! They not only brought in a large amount of turkeys, but they also conducted a huge food drive the weekend before thanksgiving.
  5. Every Slice Counts heard about our efforts, and they donated all the fresh rolls for our Thanksgiving boxes and dinner.
  6. Raleys’ Food For Families Program allowed us to purchase pallets of food. All the proceeds given and dropped in the boxes at the registers made this possible. Thank you for shopping at Raleys’ and making a donation- every dollar counts toward feeding the hungry.
  7. Walmart issued a grant that allowed 100 turkeys to be purchased.
  8. The Lincoln Rotary Club was very lively. Several gals hit the pavement and solicited donations of cash and food. Signs and dancing abounded. Check out the
  9. Many, many, many individuals brought turkeys, Thanksgiving sides, cash contributions, and those miscellaneous things needed to prepare a Thanksgiving box or meal.
However you contributed, whether as a group or an individual, your gift was necessary and is valued. We could not accomplish what we did without that gift. Thank you all!

“Taking Care of Business”

Outreach and Grafted Youth Groups preparing for action! There are about 60 kids ready to descend upon a mountain of food.

The second key to our shared success rests on the large number of volunteers who rallied to our call for manpower.

Volunteers took on various tasks. Some processed applications for a Thanksgiving box, while others made phone calls. A few folks even translated for us and helped with communication barriers. Several people sorted food, built the boxes distributed to the applicants, greeted applicants as they received their boxes, or served at the community luncheon. Many offered a helping hand and a friendly face to those in the community.

Outreach Youth Group and Grafted Youth Group came together and dedicated an evening to sorting the mountain of food that was graciously given by the community. We learned that kids can devour piles of food even when they are not eating them! The teens set a new record for sorting a food drive’s results.

Know that whatever your role, everyone who volunteered was integral to pulling off this massive endeavor. Thank you for all of your efforts “in the trenches.”

Volunteers of all ages showed up to bless our community this Thanksgiving.
Many families will be giving thanks due to the community’s generosity!


“The End of the Matter”

The Salt Mine Thanksgiving is never complete without our community luncheon. This luncheon is served and open to the community the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It is intended for those who cannot utilize a take-home Thanksgiving dinner. Some are homeless, while others are single or elderly persons without family or the ability to cook their own Thanksgiving meal. Again, our goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to celebrate Thanksgiving is able to do so. We had an amazing turn out, and we want to thank all those who participated in helping prepare and serve the meal. This luncheon was the final step toward fulfilling the goal. Enjoy the pictures below.

However, before you go, let us share with you what we accomplished by working together. We served about 3,000 meals this Thanksgiving. Think about that a moment…..we served 3,000 meals to Lincoln and Sheridan residents over one holiday. Yet, this number is only a fraction of those who need food assistance in our community. As you give thanks for your blessings this year with friends and family, remember two things: that your contributions have allowed multitudes of people in the community to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, and that the need for food assistance continues throughout the year.  If this season was your first time partnering with The Salt Mine, or you are a consistent supporter during the holiday season, we hope you will consider partnering with us throughout the year. The need is real, but you can bless someone and make a difference by contributing. A gift of $25 feeds a family of four for one week. Donating is simple. You can either click here to donate securely via Paypal. Or, you can come down and donate in person at The Salt Mine, located on 590 Lincoln Blvd. in Lincoln. Ask for Stephen or Blake.

Thank you all for your support this Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! Travel safely!

Waiting for our guests
Waiting for our guests
A candid camera shot of the volunteers bravely charging into the prep battle!
A candid camera shot of the volunteers bravely charging into the prep battle!
Our administrator Blake is a great cook. It's always rewarding to get him out of the office and into the kitchen.
Our administrator Blake is a great cook. It’s always rewarding to get him out of the office and into the kitchen.
The serving crew
Chow time!
Chow time!
Now that is a Thanksgiving spread!
Now that is a Thanksgiving spread!
That is a large luncheon! And this doesn't include everyone!
That is a large luncheon! And this doesn’t include everyone!



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