“Eat all your food! Think of the starving children in Africa!”

Parents say something like this to encourage children to eat foods they do not like. Such a statement is troubling, and the trouble goes beyond the veiled manipulation. Someone who says this does not realize that hunger is closer to home. Hunger does not reside across a continent and ocean. Hunger lives across the tracks, down the street, or perhaps, next door. One in six Americans are not able to eat the quantity of food they should, and this statistic does not evaluate how healthy that food is or if the meals are balanced.

Hunger and homelessness are not the….special treasures of large cities. Both are present in small towns. Both are present in Lincoln. The Salt Mine sees hungry faces every day, and last year these hungry faces received 4,000,000 meals from our food closet. We are fast approaching the time of year when America’s hunger crisis can become more pronounced- Thanksgiving. Along with many food closets and charities across the nation, The Salt Mine desires that everyone in our community who wants to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with family can do so.

Our desire becomes action through our Thanksgiving Boxes. These boxes contain everything necessary for a Thanksgiving meal.

  •    StuffingCornucopia
  •    Gravy
  •    Cranberry Sauce
  •    Potatoes
  •    Canned Fruit
  •    Canned Vegetables
  •    Pies
  •    Butter
  •    Rolls
  •    Turkey (including the pans)

Our goal is providing five hundred meals this Thanksgiving, but we cannot do this alone. Lincoln must come together to meet this need.

Partners can assist us two ways:

First, The Salt Mine must procure the items for these boxes. Donors can purchase ingredients themselves and drop them off at The Salt Mine between 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M., Tuesdays through Saturdays. Or, donors can contribute financially, so that any last minute items needed to fill the boxes can be purchased. Those who want to donate funds can do so in person at The Salt Mine offices and Food Closet, located at 590 Lincoln Blvd. Donations are also collected electronically and securely via Paypal. Any contribution is tax-deductible, whether food or finance.

Second, we need volunteers. Volunteers can assist us with multiple tasks. We need people to process applications for Thanksgiving boxes. Everyone desiring a box must complete an application that lists their contact information and household size. Applications tell us the amount of food we will need, and how many boxes we must build. Contact information allows us to call and remind applicants about their box. If we meet our goal, several hundred applications need processing, so any help (especially from those who are bi-lingual) is appreciated. We also need help sorting food. As the food comes in from people in the community, it needs to be sorted in order to properly fill the boxes. Volunteers may also assist building and distributing these boxes. Making and receiving phone calls is necessary before distribution. The more bodies we have on this project, the better! Also, volunteers can be a friendly face to those in need as they apply for or pick up their box. Whether you are young and strong, older and diplomatic, or anywhere in between, we can use you! We are accepting Thanksgiving applications now. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us through our volunteer page.

By working together, the entire community of Lincoln can have something to give thanks for this year!

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