Thanksgiving season is one of our favorite times of the year at The Salt Mine. Our love for October and November goes beyond plaid being back in style, the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or the football season being in full swing. What we love about Thanksgiving are all the new faces we get to meet through our Thanksgiving food distribution. Some of these new faces are receiving food assistance for the first time; we appreciate that those in need trust us enough to express their needs and seek help. Others are new partners serving the city of Lincoln, whether in gifts of money, time, or a combination of the two; we appreciate our partners for realizing our community, especially our seniors, need food, and considering The Salt Mine worthy and able to meet that need.

We aim to meet our community’s food needs during Thanksgiving different ways:

  1. A Turkey Drive
  2. Assembling Thanksgiving Boxes
  3. Hosting a Thanksgiving lunch the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for Lincoln’s homeless

In the next couple weeks, we will discuss each in more detail, but what you need to know is we plan on feeding five hundred people this year and to succeed, we will need your help. Donations of non-perishable Thanksgiving foodstuffs can be dropped off at The Salt Mine Food Closet from 10 A.M. to 12 P.M. Tuesday through Saturday beginning today. We will start taking Turkeys November 3rdAny surplus food we receive will be used to prepare Christmas Food Boxes.

While these drives are invaluable in meeting the food needs of our community during the holidays, other needs einclement-weather-hixist
these programs do not address. Frankly, operating costs rise as the temperature falls. We must heat The Salt Mine, at least for the homeless’ sake, who gather at The Salt Mine to escape the cold and wet weather, take a warm shower, and dry their clothes. Though volunteers also appreciate a warn workplace. Working as a volunteercicle is rough–especially for those of us who are older or have broken bones in the past.

Holidays provide many opportunities to give back to the Lincoln community. Whether you decide to contribute financially to The Salt Mine and help us care for those most vulnerable to the wind and rain, or partner with us to make sure every family in our community can enjoy the holidays with loved ones over a hot meal, your support is greatly appreciated. The Salt Mine and its clients value your gifts more than you know.

But perhaps, you want to learn first-hand needs, and the gratitude, of those in crisis within Lincoln. One of our favorite facets of the holiday season is to partner with new faces as we serve Lincoln! If you want to serve your community on the front lines this year, please let us know! One task that will require a good amount of volunteer manpower is assembling Thanksgiving Food boxes the Monday before Thanksgiving. Drop by in person at The Salt Mine or shoot us an email if you would like to volunteer.

We look forward to hearing from you, and serving with you, this Thanksgiving season! Working together, we can make sure we all have something to give thanks about this year!

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