Donor Highlight: Raleys

Donors are the engine that keeps this community charity chugging along, meeting the needs of the poor in our community. Many individuals and businesses come together to assist us in our mission to feed Lincoln’s hungry, and we are thankful for each and every one of them. But we are not the only ones doing good work in our community. And it helps to remember that just as our donors help The Salt Mine fulfill our mission, we help our donors fulfill their mission. Sometimes, partnering with The Salt Mine is a means to meet a goal that goes beyond The Salt Mine or even beyond Lincoln. One such donor is Raley’s. Raley’s gives to local food closets as a part of a larger goal–supporting healthy and responsible eating within their stores’ local communities.

Raley’s defines their mission is as follows:

At Raley’s, we believe that giving back to our community is one of the most important things we do. We have aligned our giving platform to reflect our company’s vision, to infuse life with health and happiness. Using our food expertise, we want to enhance our communities’ knowledge about fresh and healthy food options.

“Infusing life with health and happiness” is broken down into the following four foci:

  • Supporting the environment and sustainable practices
  • Providing quality food products and healthy choices
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles and fitness
  • Supporting organizations in the local community

The Salt Mine is the beneficiary of Raley’s commitment to what they identify as the “local spirit”  in Lincoln. Daily, the local Raley’s donates goods to The Salt Mine. Gifts cover just about the entire gambit of merchandise: from breads, dairy, and desserts to paper towels and toilet paper. Yet Raley’s support for The Salt Mine goes beyond donating goods, such as allowing The Salt Mine to use their ample freezer space when we have influxes of frozen goods, such as turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Raley’s also assists local food closets through their Food for Families non-profit. Food for Families “aims to end hunger locally by providing fresh and healthy food to those who need it most.” What this means when the rubber meets the road is that local food closets like The Salt Mine gain the ability to procure food directly from vendors using funds contributed by that food closet’s community.  An immensely useful tool!

Raley’s commitment to fostering healthy, responsible eaters in their communities takes a variety of forms. A full list of programs can be found on their website. Worthwhile reading. Who knew shopping for groceries could have such a great impact on our community?


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