The Salt Mine Food Boxes

Emergency food assistance is the largest service The Salt Mine provides to the community.  A faltering economy impacts the entire nation, but the hardest hit are minimum-wage earning families or people on fixed incomes. Partnering with The Salt Mine, the Lincoln community provides about three hundred thousand meals a month to those needing a helping hand.

The Salt Mine Food Closet offers several types of food assistance. We administer the United States Food and Drug Administration (USDA) distribution for Lincoln, and through partnerships with local agencies and businesses, we hold open food giveaways (meaning there is no income-requirement) on Saturdays and Thursdays. You can find out more about the Thursday and Saturday food giveaways here.

Our primary form of food assistance is an emergency food box for low-income families. Clients can receive one food box a month; exceptions are granted on a case by case basis. Based upon a family size of four, these food boxes contain:

And when you stuff all these things in a banana box...
And when you stuff all these things in a banana box…
  • One box of cereal or oatmeal
  • One pound of pasta
  • One jar of pasta sauce (if available)
  • Three side-dish meals (ex. 2 Pasta Roni & 1 Mac and Cheese)
  • One Jar of peanut butter (if available)
  • Five cans of vegetables
  • Three cans of fruit
  • Four large cans of meat (ex: stew, chili, or pork) and two small cans of meat (ex: tuna)
  • One can of tomatoes, any variety (sauce, stewed, diced, etc.)
  • One large, and two small (10 oz.) cans of soup
  • Two cans of beans (baked, refried, pinto, etc.)
  • One box of crackers
  • One box of cookies
  • One package of spices (if available)
  • Four packages of Top Ramen (if available)
  • One box of baked goods (if available, ex: cake mix, corn bread mix)
  • One package of Jello (if available)
  • One container of juice (if available)
  • Two condiments (if available)
  • One handful of individually wrapped snacks (if available)
  • Rice, dried beans, and powdered milk are optional; every client offered the ability to add these items.

Our boxes scale down to one individual, up to a family of six. Using the listed ingredients, family of four can prepare nutritionally balanced meals for a week. Our boxes comply with nutritional guidelines published by the USDA to insure that the hungry in our community are not only taken care of, but taken care of well.

Food boxes are supplemented by donations from a variety of local business.  Bread, dairy, and desserts are donated daily by the Lincoln Raleys. Starbucks contributes pastries daily. Winco provides bread on Wednesdays. Safeway provides bread, dairy, and desserts every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Salt Mine Food Closet could not function without all of you. Your donations of food help stock the pantries of  over two thousand families every month. We currently need pasta, Top Ramen, and tuna. Donations of non-perishable food are received at The Salt Mine Food Closet located on 590 Lincoln Blvd Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 A.M. until 12:00 P.M.

Yet, the Food Closet does not live on bread alone. Various pipers must be paid, and they prefer cold, hard, cash. Know that 97% of your monetary donation to The Salt Mine goes toward operation and acquisition costs associated with the food closet. Donating funds is easy; head on over to You will receive a receipt via email for the taxman.

Your support for The Salt Mine helps eliminate hunger in Lincoln. Thanks for partnering with us, and allowing us to serve our community.

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