The Salt mine is a Faith Based Charity. Our main charitable activity at this time is to enhance and improve the lives of those in need our community by providing food assistance. We desire that no senior, family, or child who needs food goes hungry in Lincoln or Sheridan California.

Our feeding program offers a variety of opportunities for food distribution so no family needs to go without food if they only avail themselves of our programs. We have regular monthly distribution to registered families and seniors, bimonthly distribution of USDA foods and “Free” food distribution on Thursdays and Saturdays when anyone may receive additional provisions.

In addition to our aggressive feeding program we conduct youth and children’s programs at The Salt Mine. We also offer adult programs to assist adults and seniors; The Salt Mine stocks items especially for senior needs. We also furnish clothing and household items to qualified families in our service area as needed, and we assist with other emergency need as we are able. In emergencies outside our abilities we have a vast referral network to draw upon.

In 2018 The Salt Mine furnished food for over 8.5 million meals to local families, of this number sixty-three percent were for children and youth and of the adults sixty-one percent were seniors over fifty years of age. If the needs of the community remain as they are now we will end this year having furnished food for over four million meals!