Why The Salt Seller is “Moving on Up” Into The Salt Mine Thrift Shop

The Salt Mine Thrift Shop at 105 Floccini Circle (Click for Directions)
Now, you may have noticed that our F Street thrift store is moving. We are consolidating our two thrift shops into our Flocchinni Circle location. Consolidation will help The Salt Mine fulfill our mission of providing for those with needs in Lincoln by reducing building costs. Consolidation also brings all of our retail operations into one location, reducing fuel expenses incurred from stocking two locations. Those who support us by purchasing from The Salt Mine Thrift Store can now donate items they are finished with and purchase new items in a single trip!

Yet this move is as necessary as it is convenient. Meeting our community’s need for food required cutting expenses. Requests for food from The Salt Mine have increased dramatically over the past several years. Our clients extend far beyond the homeless. Many people have homes, but are either unemployed or underemployed. When someone must choose between paying rent or buying food, they pay rent and go without enough food. Nationwide, people are tightening their belts and cutting costs. Tight budgets mean people hold onto the items they have already instead of purchasing items from major retailers—or thrift stores. Thus, it is the best decision moving forward to consolidate our stores.

The Thrift Shop on F Street. (Click here for directions)

Moving is hard, and we at The Salt Mine could use some help. If you have thought about purchasing items for your home, now is the time! Our F Street location is having a huge sale to reduce inventory. Furniture is sixty percent off the tagged price. Everything else is marked down eighty percent from the tagged price! The Salt Mine Thrift Shop is making room for the move by marking everything down 50%! This sale has been extended for the third and final time. It will run through this Saturday, September 19th. Check out some of the available furniture pieces (as of about noon today) here.

Help us out! if you come and purchase something, we will not need to move it to the Floccini location! If your house lacks nothing, you can still help. The move increased our fuel expenses, any monetary assistance towards relieving that burden is greatly appreciated. You can give online by heading over to http://thesaltmine.org/donate/.

Know that we value your patience with us as we transition into one retail location, and that we value the past, and we hope continued, support from the rest of the Lincoln community.

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